NFA RICE FOR SMOKEY MOUNTAIN RESIDENTS The 27,000 residents of Smokey Mountain in Tondo, Manila are now assured of a steady supply of low-priced NFA rice as the agency’s Central District Office recently partnered with the barangay unit to open an additional outlet at the barangay center and make the P27/kilogram NFA rice accessible to the residents. Smokey Mountain is a resettlement community composed of 30 tenement buildings housing 5,200 families. The barangay center outlet, called Tagpuan Day Rice Delivery Program, is the third NFA rice outlet in the area, in addition to one located inside the community itself and another at a nearby talipapa. Photo shows Smokey Mountain Barngay Chairman Bobby Hernani (left) assisting in the sale of NFA rice to his constituents on the first day of Tagpuan Day last August 9, 2018.

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