Projects under Adm. Robert Anthony Abad
Training Grant for BDMPCI Integrated Farming System Program. The training will focus on the mechanics of te Integrated Farming System and the roles and responsibilities that the participants shall be able to learn. Php  41,250.00
Projects under Adm. Arthur C. Yap
Development of Corn Dryer for Farmer Cooperatives Paracelis Mt. Province Federation of Farmers Association. The existing design of flatbed dryer was modified to suit the needs of marginal corn farmers and used only local materials for fabrication. Php 463,837.00
Advocacy Program on NFA Institutionalized Marketing Assistance Program (IMAP) and Corn FREE Storage Program (CFSP) Corn industry stakeholders. A venue to inform various marketing programs of the NFA aimed at helping them maximize their earnings. Php 500,000.00
Integrated Corn Mechanization Service and Trading Center - Masisit Dacal Livelihood Cooperative Establishment of a trading center consisting of a warehouse; 2 4-wheel drive tractors; 1 mechanical dryer and other support facilities. Php 10,000,000.00
Projects under Adm. Gregorio A. Tan
Quality Corn Analysis by Digital Image Processing System (DIPS) for Corn Corn Producers/users, to develop a computer-based physical analysis of shelled corn. Php 500,000.00
Training on Corn Post Production Technology and Cooperative Enterprise Management (CPPT-CEM) Paracelis Mt. Province federation of Farmers Association, A training course to update and upgrade the skills of coop members on Corn Post Production Tech and Coop Enterprise Mgmt. Php  154,167.00
Training on Postharvest Technology and Entrepreneurial Development Mahongkong Multi-Purpose Cooperative, A training course to update and upgrade the skills of coop members on Corn Post Production Tech and Coop Enterprise Mgmt. Php 891,450.00
Aflatoxin Projects Composed of Aflatoxin Laboratories in several provinces, The Aflatoxin Kit is a component of the Dryermat Project which provides aflatoxin analysis of corn harvested in several areas. - other aflatoxin projects  were also conducted under Admin Jessup. P. Navarro. Php 2,000,000.00
Corn Study/ Observation Tour NFA, The tour aims to study/observe updated/related technologies to generate information as basis for implementing programs to be funded by CDF Php 602,442.40
Pilot Application of IRRI super bag for Storage of Wet Corn NFA-TRDD, The project aims to determine the technical and economic feasibility of storing high moisture corn grains in IRRI superbags Php 300,000.00
Phase 1:
Bio-N Technology
A joint undertaking of NFA-TRDD, DA-GMA Corn and BSWM to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of corn farmers through sustainable production and use of Bio-N fertilizer Php 25,000,000.00
Design and Development of Biomass Furnace for Continuous Flow Corn Dryer Sultan Kudarat Coastal Federation of Cooperatives. A prototype biomass furnace was designed and retrofitted to an existing continuous flow dryer. Php 500,000.00
Impact Evaluation for BDMPCI   Php  50,000.00
Projects under Adm. Jessup P. Navarro
Study Tour on Corn Post Harvest Systems, Technology and Trade Grant assistance to four corn federations for a study tour on corn post-harvest systems, technology and trade in the USA. The recommendation brought to for the start-up of the Electronic Trading System for Corn. Php  2,000,000.00
Corn Post-Production, Technology, Cooperative Enterprise Management & Project Benefit Monitoring & Evaluation Grant assistance to Christian Multi-Purpose Cooperative of Northern Iloilo (CMPCNI) for the conduct of two-batch training programs to equip the farmer - leaders with appropriate knowledge, attitude, skills and habits needed to undertake a corn business enterprise. Php  290,963.00
17th and 18th Hog Convention and Trade Exhibits Hog Convention and Trade Exhibits Conduct of Hog Convention and Trade Exhibits in 2008 and 2009 by the National Federation of Hog Farmer's Inc. (NFHFI) to provide awareness on the new technologies on hog-raising. Php  400,000.00
Phase 2: Bio-N Technology (15 sites) Establishsment of 15 Bio-N laboratories in collaboration with DA-BSWM and UPLB-Biotech to enhance the productivity of corn farmers. Php  7,500,000.00
Evaluation of the Reliability and Pilot Testing of the Digital Image and Processing Systems (DIPS) for Corn Grains A sequel to a previous project, DIPS for Corn Grains, to evaluate and pilot test its reliability. Php  485,331.00
Workshop on Agricultural Commodity Marketing Programs & Issues Conduct of a two-day workshop which aims to make an initial assessment of a proposal to establish an electronic commodity exchange system for selected Philippine products. Php  500,000.00
Christian Multi - Purpose Cooperative of Northern Iloilo Grants for Corn Post Production Technology, Cooperative Enterprise Management and Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation. Php   290,936.00
Commercialization of the Corn Storage as Drying Strategy The fund shall be used to test the efficiency and applicability of the hermetic plastic bag (superbag) in preventing deterioration in wet corn Php  453,700.00
Study Tour on Corn Post Harvest Systems, Technology and Trade in the USA Observation in major corn producing areas up to vessel uploading, increase awareness of corn biotechnology and biofuel and more on corn processing. Php  2,000,000.00
Workshop on Agricultural Commodity Marketing Programs and Issue Two days workshop which aims to make an initial assessment of a proposal to establish an electronic commodity exchange system for selected Philippine products Php  500,000.00
Study Tour in Brazil The study tour aims to look into the various aspects of the successful commodity exchange system in Brazil for adoption and modification in the Ph setting. Php  3,000,000.00
Agricultural Commodity Exchange System Composed of the Electronic Trading System, The Project Steering committee, The Project Management Office, and several projects relating to the main program. Php  15,701,974.00
Grant Advocacy Project Encounter on the uses of corn, corn-based/corn products, and eggs in selected areas of Metro-Manila Php  300,000.00
National Grains Post Production Conference Advocacy program of the CDF Php  500,000.00
Projects under Adm. Angelito T. Banayo
Philippine Poultry Show The activity/exhibit aims to stress the importance of the poultry industry in the Philippine agriculture Php  300,000.00
First National Grains Post Production Summit Form for the CDF to promote its program, to continuing education/ promote and marketing to target groups the EETS/ACES not only for corn, Ensure awareness of the participants on CDF programs and projects and design. Php  300,000.00
MDLC Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation System for MDLC Php  91,000.00
The fund will be used to defray the cost of administrative and regular PSC/PMO meetings for the operationalization of the ACES Php  100,000.00
BDMPCI Budget will be used for the conduct of the Rescission/Cancellation of contract which includes mobilization/transport cost and public bidding Php  68,000.00
Private Sector NFA, ACES, CDF, DA; [Special Mission to India(not yet implemented) ] The project aims to pursue a detailed examination of its system for commodity exchanges Php  2,300,000.00
Projects under Adm. Orlan A. Calayag
Additional Budget for the conduct of Project Benefit and Evaluation for (MDLC) Additional budget will be spent for the gathering of additional data needed for the MDLC evaluation Php  678,440.00
Advocacy Program through the Corn Congress (various Administrators) As part of continuing advocacy, the CDF is promoted as one of the programs the farmers can tap. The Corn Congress, attended by many farmers and farmer organization, serves as an effective venue for this advocacy. Php  20,000,000.00
9th Philippine National Corn Congress October 22-25, 2013, at Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City Php  300,000.00
Projects under Adm. Renan B. Dalisay
Mobile Soil Test Clinic (10 units) The project aims to provide soil testing services to marginal corn farmers especially in far-flung areas to help them increase production through precise fertilization and make corn farming profitable thru enhanced productivity of the corn farming activities. Php  3,545,960.00
Modernization of Grains Moisture Content Determination of the Farm Level (60 units) The project is to modernize and improve the farmers\' system of grains moisture content determination for more efficient marketing and storage of their produce. Php  4,350,000.00
10th Philippine National Corn Congress October 21-23, 2015, at Pampanga Php  300,000.00
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