NFA-Isabela sustained its partnership with the Provincial Government of Isabela (PGI) with the recent downloading of P10M by Gov. Faustino "Bojie" Dy III.

            In their latest Letter of Intent (LOI), PGI allocated P5M for the CMAPIPULGU/BRO-ASAP/PPP for corn.  In addition to the government support price of P12.30/kg for YGN, small farmers included in the masterlist submitted by PGI delivering their corn produce to NFA are entitled to an additional incentive of P3.00/kg or P4,500.00 for 30 bags. BRO-ASAP or the BOJIE-RODITO OPPORTUNITIES – AYUDA SA PRESYO is intended to raise the buying price of their corn produce by   P2.50/kg or an increase in income of P3,750.00 for each farmer.

             On the other hand, the BRO-PPP or BOJIE-RODITO OPPORTUNITIES – PANTAWID PAMASAHE PROGRAM is aimed at addressing the cost of transporting the farmers' produce to the NFA buying stations at  P0.50/kg or an increase in income of P750.00 for each farmer. 

            The program is designed for corn deliveries under the food agency’s Corn Marketing Assistance Program for Industry Producers, Users and Local Government Units (CMAPIPILGU) which allows the PGI to buy-back the corn stocks when the price of corn rises after the harvest season.

             Another LOI allocated P5M for BRO-ASAP/PPP for palay. In addition to the government support price and incentives of P17.40/kg, small farmers included in the masterlist who deliver their palay produce to NFA are entitled to an additional incentive equivalent to P2.00/kg or P3,000.00 for 30 bags.

            Currently, there are 2,180 accredited individual NFA Farmer's Passbook holders. Out of these, about 820 are palay /corn producers with landholdings of 1 hectare or below.

              During the initial implementation of the BRO-ASAP/PPP, the PGI allocated P50.00/ farmer for passbook application. Fortunately, it was also during this time that NFA adopted the simplified passbook processing and waived the processing fee. Farmers benefitted totaled 3,710 from 2015 till  June 2016. The amount downloaded by PGI to NFA was P18.2M and P10M for 2015 and May 2016, respectively.

            The CMAPIPULGU/BRO-ASAP/PPP are only two components out of the 10 BRO PROGRAMS. All these programs are intended for the small farmers and landless farm workers which Gov. Bojie Dy considers as “nanatiling mahihirap dahil sa iilan at hindi komprehensibong tulong upang maging maaliwalas ang kanilang pamumuhay.” These small farmers and landless farm workers comprise 50% of the total farming population of the Province of Isabela and they contribute about 40% of the total production of Isabela Province.

            NFA acknowledges Isabela Province as a surplus area where production far exceeds the consumption requirements of its constituents, hence, their priceless contribution to ensuring the nation's food security.

            PM Leslie A. Martinez is proud to say that the successful implementation of the CMAPIPULGU / BRO-ASAP/PPP Programs is one of a kind in the entire Philippines.  It is also the pride of the employees to be a part of this partnership between the PGI and NFA – reaching out, working hand in hand and making a difference in the lives of the farmers. (Ma.Luisa L. Luluquisen, correspondent)

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