Market Inspection Stepped Up

NFA-Mamburao headed by Provincial Manager Maria Lewina A. Tolentino together with Sr. Grains Operations Officer and Acting Enforcement and Investigation Officer Rodolfo Maranan, Sr.  have stepped up the inspection of rice retail outlets in the Mamburao public market. Market inspections are regularly conducted to ensure that NFA rules and regulations in grains business are being followed and they are compliant with to the Philippine Grains Standardization Program (PGSP).

The grains retailers were reminded that if they are caught violating the rules and regulations, corresponding fines and penalties shall be imposed.

PM Tolentino reminded the accredited rice retail outlets that as conduit of the government, they should always  make affordable NFA rice available and accessible to the consumers especially to those who could not afford the price of commercial rice. (Florencia I. Tendido, correspondent)

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