Sufficient Rice Stocks           

            NFA-Antique Officer-In-Charge Oliver L. Cambas assured the Antiqueños that the food agency has sufficient stocks in its warehouses for the lean months starting  July to September.

            In an interview with DYKA, OIC Cambas said that as of June 9, 2016, NFA’s buffer stock is good to last for 14 days, while household and commercial stocks are good to last for 52 and 9 days, respectively. Total industry inventory for the province of Antique is 75 days.

            “As early as this month, farmers in the Southern and Northern part of Antique have started their land preparation.  Palay harvest is expected on the later part of August,” added Cambas.

            He also said that NFA is accepting one-time delivery from local farmers for non-passbook holders, up to 200 bags. After that, they will be issued with passbook with minimal requirements to comply.

          Meanwhile, Cambas also announced that the NFA-DSWD Supplemental Feeding Program for 120 days will commence from July-August 2016.

            On the Food Guardian campaign, Cambas said that the office is now focusing its advocacy in schools, households and stakeholders during the conduct of its Ugnayan activities. He added that the office is planning to conduct a dialogue with restaurants and food chain owners to advocate the program. (Lorgie Mae B. Inocencio, Acting Information Officer)

Officer-in-Charge Oliver L. Cambas (center) being interviewed by Pilar Mabaquiao (extreme right) of PIA – Antique  and Dece Joy Cabrera (extreme left) of DYKA.

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