Farmers Option Buy Back - farmers have the opportunity to buy back the same volume of palay stocks sold to the agency within a period of six (6) months for resale to traders, millers when palay prices are better than NFA's support price.

Grains Exchange Program for Farmers Organizations and Retailers Association (GEPFORA) - Under this program, NFA accredited farmers' organization can deposit their palay at a specified NFA warehouse and sell them in rice form to NFA licensed grains retailers' associations in another area using NFA's network of grains retailers associations and NFA's electronic trading (e-trading) system. Farmers' Organizations which participated in the Farmers as Importers (FAI) program may also utilize the GEPFORA in marketing their imported rice. They can deposit their imported rice at a specified NFA warehouse and sell them to NFA licensed grains retailers associations in another area in the same variety, if available, or in other imported rice variety available, using the NFA network of grains retailers and NFA e-trade system. Grains retailers associations shall also benefit from this program since they will have ready and direct access to more supply/source of local and imported rice.

Palay Marketing Assistance for Legislators and Local Government Units (PALLGUs) - LGUs and Legislators shall enter into a marketing agreement with NFA where the farmer shall provide a premium in addition to the existing NFA support price, for the purchase of palay from the farmers. The provision of such premium shall entitle the LGUs/Legislators to the right to buy the subject stocks from NFA. Said stocks may be stored in any designated warehouse for free for four months. If the stocks are not withdrawn after the four-month free storage period, the NFA shall correspondingly charge the buyer with 1.5% carrying cost for the fifth until the 6th month, which is the maximum period of storage. Further, the NFA shall have the right to auction or sell the palay stocks if the buyer was not able to withraw the same after six months of storage.

Corn Marketing Assistance Program for Industry Producers/Users - Local Government Units (CMAPIPULGUs) - Similarly, this program is designed for private buyers with sufficient working capital and for lawmakers and heads of LGUs who may want to buy corn stocks for their constituents and enter into a marketing agreement with NFA.

Institutionalized Farmers as Distributors (I-FAD) - The Farmers Organizations are given opportunity to directly participate in the distribution of imported rice. Farmers as partners in the implementation of food security and stabilization program of the government shall henceforth be allowed to undertake the distribution of NFA rice subject to certain rules and regulations formulated by the NFA.

Corn Development Fund (CDF) - This is a loan assistance to corn producers and users (maximum of P10M) and grants (maximum of P0.5M). The loan can be used for the acquisition, installation and/or improvement of equipment and facilities for production, transport, warehousing and marketing. The grant component is for training, seminars and studies on corn.

Enhanced Electronic Trading System (EETS) for Corn - is a web-based trading system that serves an information exchange, a clearinghouse services and commodity trading system for corn buyers and sellers, through a network of Designated Depository and Withdrawal Sites (DDWS) and Corn Exchange Centers (CEC) linked electronically with each other through the internet. It provides the mechanism that can help corn sellers link with their market at the right place and right time, for better prices. Corn producers can have access to marketing data that will guide them in deriving the highest possible returns on their investments, by making concrete data-based marketing decisions. In the same manner, corn buyers can have direct access to available supply and price information on corn deposits of participating corn sellers, and eventually fill their requirements.

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